Saturday, January 20, 2007

Days Off

Not having to go to work is usually a good thing, right? I mean, we all wait for our days off, count down to them, think they disappear too fast, and drag our asses back in when the work week starts up again.

But lately, I haven’t been looking forward to those free days because it seems like I don’t have anything to do but sleep. And I’ve got how many days off ahead of me? An eternity worth. Being a vampire is a forever gig and I’m bored already. At least when I’m playing in the band I’m killing time, hanging with the guys, watching people, doing something. Not to mention I need the cash. Not every vampire is independently wealthy with no freakin’ explanation for how he got that way. I don’t need to pay for food, but I do like a roof over my head and a new t-shirt every now and then.

Maybe I need a hobby since I’m about to OD on cartoons and decorating shows. Or a girlfriend. But the last time I went there it didn’t end all that great considering she almost decapitated me. Literally. That doesn’t say good things about my taste in women and I’m not exactly ready to dive back in with the sharks in skirts.

So if you had about a thousand years of life ahead of you and a skinny bank account, what would you want to do on your days off?

Dave, bored on Bourbon