Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun Contests!

FALLEN officially hit the shelves last Thursday and to celebrate I'm doing a fun contest with three other authors. All you have to do is give your answer to the question below in the comments section and I'll pick a random winner from those who post on Tuesday and Wednesday. Up for grabs is a copy of FALLEN, plus an assortment of 15 paranormal romances by various authors. Then after you comment here, hop over to the other three authors blogs and answer their questions for a chance to win even more cool prizes!

Make sense? Sort of? :)

Here's the question you need to answer:
Which celebrity do you think is a vampire?

Here's what we thought...
Anya Bast- Tom Cruise. He's either a vampire or an alien.

Michele Bardsley- Paris Hilton. C'mon. She's pale, doesn't eat, and only comes out at night.

Tate Hallaway- Of course the old joke is Dick Clark, but he's sort of dropped out of the scene (in hiding until he can rise again?) My other answer is equally obscure: Jim Davis, the creator/writer of the Garfield comic strip. I think he's a vampire because he has this magical ability to continue to be immensely popular with kids. My son Mason devours anything Garfield related. Another friend of mine said her daughter did the same thing. I think it's clearly all about vampire glamour.

Erin McCarthy- I stole this answer straight from Lori Devoti (see her interview with the Impalers a few weeks ago) but I thought it just had to be true. Oprah is clearly a vampire... no one can exert that kind of influence without the use of glamours. And she is tight with Tom Cruise after all.

So which celeb do you think is a vampire? And make sure you visit the other author's blogs for a chance at more great prizes. :-)


Friday, May 2, 2008

Diabetes Auction Basket

Author Brenda Novak is running her amazing Diabetes Auction again this year during the entire month of May, and Kathy and Erin have donated a vampire basket. Visit www.brendanovak.com to bid on it.

The basket includes the following books:
Any Way You Want It
Fangs For The Memories (with sexy new mass market cover!)
My Sister Is A Werewolf
High Stakes
Bit The Jackpot
Bled Dry
Sucker Bet
An Advanced Reader Copy of First Blood, an anthology with Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, and Meljean Brook (August release)

PLUS, an Impalers CD, an Impalers t-shirt and other vampire goodies.

Help us help a great cause!
The Impalers