Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Naming Of A Band

Do you know how hard it is to get five guys to agree on a name for a band? It’s damn hard, especially when every guy is a couple of centuries old. You start to feel like you’re always right when you’ve got the kind of life experience we do.

The Impalers is working for us now. It’s a good name. Don’t even get me started on the last one we had… and I’m not going to point fingers, but a certain someone who knows who he is- and who can’t hold his liquor - thought it was brilliant. He was wrong. The Suckers is a crap name. It sucks, like the name says. Plain and simple. And the fact that we went on the road like that and played a gig in Vegas, for the President of the Vampire Nation, of all freaking people, (see Erin McCarthy’s High Stakes) was just rough.

But I’m over it. Really. And we’re back on Bourbon St., which is cool. With a better name.

So does a bad or annoying band name turn you off? Or is it just all about the music?

You can be honest. I don’t bite. During the day.



Julia Templeton said...

It's all about the music, though a sexy name can't hurt. I have to admit THE IMPALERS is a definite improvement over THE SUCKERS. Best of luck to you all! I look forward to hearing your music.

Kathy Love said...

I'd have to say it's the music for me too. But I do like cool band names. The Screaming Blue Messiahs. I like that one--don't like their music though.

I think The Impalers is a great name. A much better choice.

And I bet I can guess who named you The Suckers...

Kelley said...

Once I hear a band, its all about the music but I do think if you haven't heard them, and the name isn't good, it can turn you off.

Stacy~ said...

Well a cool name doesn't mean much if the music sucks, so yeah, it's about the music. I think I can overlook the name as long as I like what I hear.

Judy F said...

Great name. Its the music that does it for me more so then the name.