Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lori Loves Werwolves

Okay, despite this admission, we are thrilled to introduce Lori Devoti, www.loridevoti.com Nocturne author extraordinaire. (Even if she does have bad taste in preternatural creatures--wink, wink.)

Lori Devoti grew up in southern Missouri and attended college at the University of Missouri-Columbia where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism. She, however, made it clear to anyone who asked, she was not a writer; she worked for the dark side—advertising. Now twenty years later, she’s proud to declare herself a writer and visit her dark side occasionally by writing dark paranormal romances for Silhouette Nocturne.

Lori lives in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, son, an extremely patient shepherd mix, and the world’s pushiest Siberian husky. And she's pleased to announce her newest Nocturne, Guardian's Keep...

Kol Hildr had spent the last century battling hellhounds and warlocks who sought to usurp his portal’s magic. A mighty shape-shifter with the ability to change into wolf form, Kol made accessing the powerful gateway nearly impossible–unless you were a witch of Kelly Shane’s talents. She had a score to settle and would do anything to close the portal that led to her unearthly prison. Though an alliance with her compromised Kol’s purpose, something about the little witch overwhelmed his fierce, battle-worn soul. But when he learned Kelly’s life might be in jeopardy, could Kol put aside the one thing he thought he valued most–the portal–to journey to the other side and rescue her?

Hi Lori! Thanks for joining us today. How's about answer a few questions for us.

Why do you write about vampires? (Kind of a trick question)
My first published foray into vampires will come out this December—a novella in the Holiday with a Vampire Silhouette Nocturne anthology. But I also have a couple (ahem) unpublished vampire tales lurking on my hard drive. Why write them? They are the epitome of the tortured hero…and have bad boy potential out the wazoo. Who could make a better romance hero? (except maybe a hellhound…)

If you could go on a date with a vampire, what would you do?
Besides wear a turtle neck? A moonlit dinner on top of some medieval castle’s parapets would certainly be appealing. If he was a more modern kind of guy…all night bowling?

Do you prefer long hair or short hair on your men (vampires, heroes, etc)?
Okay, I’ll admit it I like my heroes with long hair. Maybe it’s because so few men in real life can carry the look off.

What is your favorite vampire movie?
Underworld, hands down.

What is the favorite of the books you've written?
I think it actually may be Wild Hunt which won’t be out until June. It’s the story of a hellhound who is looking for a way to kill his father and winds up getting caught up with the Wild Hunt. Tortured sexy hero and some kick ass women. Gotta love that.

What celebrity do you suspect is a vampire?
Oprah. Seriously, how can woman have gotten so much power over humans in one mortal lifetime? And have you seen some of her guests? The books she makes into best-sellers? There is some serious mind-control going on there.

What food would you miss the most if you were a vampire?
Can I still have Lattes? How about salsa—that’s pretty much liquid, right? Maybe I’d just have to stalk all night Starbucks and Taco Bells…If you are what you eat and all that…

If you were an Impaler, what instrument would you play?
I played the clarinet for years, but wouldn’t even ask the undead to listen to me play that. Maybe the banjo or harmonica—I am from Southern Missouri, and a little tinge of Bluegrass might liven things up.

Vampires or werewolves? Why?
Sorry, guys, gotta go with werewolves since most of my books have either hellhounds or garm (wolf-shape-shifters) in them. Like I said, I am working on a vampire tale though for December release.

If you were a vampire, where would you sleep? Coffin? Darkened bedroom? Crypt? Or other? If other, explain.
Something surrounded with all those laser alarm beams you see in spy movies—try and stake me, will you? Boom—cage drops on you and you’re a midmorning snack.

If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

What's the best part of being a writer?
Playing Freecell and calling it work.

What is your favorite color?
Red, isn’t it yours?

If you were a vampire, what time period would you have been made one?
I don’t know about me in particular, but the world could have used a kickass female vampire in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It could have put a whole new face on the women’s suffrage movement. Oh, yeah.

Who was a better vampire? Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Neither is really working for me. I went to college with Brad Pitt and I can’t shake the all American image that’s left over. And Tom Cruise, you’re kidding me, right?

Well, the werewolves win, but at least we have a draw on the Pitt/Cruise debate!


Kathy Love said...

Hi Lori!

Thanks for joining us today! I loved your answers. And Guardian's Keep looks fantastic! I'm ordering it today.

You know I'm with you on the laser beams around my bed if I were a vampire. Overall, they seem to be way too trusting of a heavy drape. Silly undead.

blackroze37 said...

i love your hellhounds lori!!!! i got both book and am looking forward to more of them! thanks! o i still got the hellhound on my myspae :)))))

Brynn Paulin said...

"Something surrounded with all those laser alarm beams you see in spy movies—try and stake me, will you?"

Perfect answer. LOL. Great interview. I'll have to check out your hellhounds and garm.

Lori Devoti said...

Thanks, guys! Been out of town, so just checking back in. :)