Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Favorite Things

So I’ve been thinking about moving. Or going on the road for awhile, getting away from the same old, same old.

Then I realized that I’m way more attached to my stuff than I used to be. When I was younger I used to get pack up my guitar, twenty bucks, and hit the road with my thumb in the air to catch a ride. Doesn’t sound all that fun to me now because I need my stuff.

I’d have a hard time living without:
The Internet- man, what did vampires ever do without it? Email, downloading songs, Myspace… I can spend hours online.

Computer- obvious, I guess, given the Internet comment above, but I could get access to the Internet at public places. But I want my own computer with all my games and music software.

My guitar- okay, that hasn’t changed much in forty years.

Cell phone- None of these “reading minds” vampire crap for me. Just call my cell.

Lava lamp- Even with kick ass technology, nothing’s ever going to be groovier than a lava lamp.

Picture of Jenny- She was my mortal girlfriend back in the day. She’s a real estate agent and a grandmother now in St. Louis.

The rest I guess I could take or leave, but I do really like my ACDC t-shirt, my DVD collection, and my Saints jersey. It wouldn’t make me happy to lose any of those.

What can’t you all live without?


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Stacy~ said...'ll kill ya. But I guess you don't have to worry about that. So I guess it just cramps your style.

My list consists of several pairs of jeans, tank tops, sandals, jewelry, curling iron, BOOKS, purse, CDs, laptop, BOOKS, large coffee mug, ipod, BOOKS, DVD's and BOOKS.