Thursday, March 1, 2007

Least Favorite Things

It seems like everything is getting on my nerves lately. Not a good thing for a vampire, since I have an eternity to be irritated. And the thing is, I like to think I’m an easy-going, upbeat guy. I like my job, for the most part. Like my friends, like my bandmates. But don’t you just have those things, or people, or nights, where you just want to throw something because everything is so freakin’ annoying?

What irritates me, in no particular order:

Men jumping up on stage while the band is playing- Women on stage is good, but men? Come on. It’s weird, dude.

Bad drivers- I hate getting cut off, getting slowed down in the fast lane by a Sunday driver, or the opposite- being tailed by someone two inches off my bumper when I’m already going eighty.
Spam email- Does anyone really buy the Viagra alternative from a spam email? If you actually do though, please don’t tell me about it.

Britany Spears media coverage- So she’s bald and in rehab, enough already.

Childproof lighters- Here’s an idea… just don’t let your kid play with a lighter.

Sloppy drunks- I’m all for having a good time, but don’t spill your drink on my guitar. I’m serious.

Cell phone addicts- You are not so important that you need to be available 24/7. And it’s rude to ignore the person you’re with to talk on the phone to the person you’re not with. Especially if we’re on a date and the caller is the ex-boyfriend/husband. That doesn’t make me happy.

Forgetting to pay the rent- one lousy day late and the fee is fifty bucks.

One uppers- No, not drugs. I mean those people who no matter what you say, do, or own, they've done it better, got it cheaper, or paid more to own the best.

So what gets on your nerves?



Rhonda Stapleton said...

Oh, Drake, you're singing my song. I have so many things that irritate me.

I hate when people bring kids to adult movies...UGH! Find a sitter or wait until it's out on video, folks!

Kathy Love said...

Yep, I'm feeling those same pet peeves. Including Rhonda's.

I went to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the new one), and there was a five year old there. What? Craziness.

My least favorite thing, that isn't just a pet peeve, is going to the dentist, though.

Hmm. I bet vampires hate that too, don't they, Drake?

kalyko13 said...

I totally agree with Drake's list; another couple (and I speak as a parent here) are:

* Parents who let their kids bounce all around the vehicle while driving...I mean, c'mon; it scares me, it really does 'cause if mom or dad has to stop, the kid isn't going to.

* Parents who can't say "no" to their kids in stores and end up carting a whiny, screaming child anyway, because we all know it's not what they're asking for that they really want (and I don't mean this in a nasty way)

* Kids who can't be kids anymore...that's just sad; they're supposed to be little adults and behave as such.

Okay, I better go now!

Anonymous said...

Kids. Hmm, I don't see those too often these days. But if I did see kids with the hours I keep, I'd have to say--crappy parents.

And I probably wouldn't like the kids either.

Not that I don't like kids in theory. Or parents of that matter. I even had some once.


shadowgroov said...
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your worst nightmare said...

Men who want to complain about how rought their life is, when they have not realized how many lives they have destroyed. Men that cheat and have tons of kids running around that they don't pay for or show interest in. Talk about being selfish. Whats your thoughts on that???

your worst nightmare said...

BTW, how'd you come up with your name? Its pretty unique.