Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Am I Just a Dirty Old Man With Fangs?

Hey There,
Okay, the ladies over at The Midnight Hour are discussing a very interesting topic. One that I have thought about a lot myself--what with being an 222 year old vampire and all. Their discussion is in relation to vampires in young adult novels, but I have still thought about this problem in relation to myself, too. Since most of the women I've dated are usually 190 or so years
younger than me (Maggie is 194 years younger than I am), then does that just make me a dirty old man with some killer dental work? (Note, the picture of me contemplating this very matter.)

I like to think I'm no such thing. Okay, I have lived that long, but I did stop aging at thirty. In which case, I'm dating in my appropriate age range. I mean, why would I suddenly stop being attracted to women in my same physical age group? And frankly, 190 year old mortal women are pretty hard to come by. Really any woman over 100 is a little dicey. I think there is something worse about dating women who often don't know where they are and sometimes mistake me for their grandson than dating someone my own physical age. Not that I've actually dated women that old, but it does seem like one the inherent perils of such a relationship. And thus one of the many, many reasons I've never gone there.

While I have lived much longer than Maggie, I don't feel like an old man to her twenty-something years. And actually, in my case, I've made a concerted effort to remain as immature as I was during my live thirtieth year, which has to work in my favor, right? (Okay, Maggie might argue that point.)

But what is your take? Are vampires too old for their mortal love interests? Am I just a perv with the hots of the younger ladies? (Although I'm not going on the nursing home circuit--no matter what your opinion is.)


Jennifer Y. said... know until you said something I never even thought of that about a May-December romance. WOW!

But I think you are only as old as you feel and judging by some of the vampire books I have read, they don't really feel all that old.

Kathy Love said...

I thought this was an interesting twist too. I guess I tend to agree with Ren, that if they are interested in the age group where they stopped aging, it doesn't seem oowy. Well, for of age, consenting adults anyway.

It is a little more dubious in YAs. But truthfully, that doesn't particularly bother me in those books either. Maybe because the authors I've read don't portray the vampires as being that much different from the teenagers they are interested in.

So apparently Ren's immaturity angle does help.