Saturday, October 27, 2007

Impalers Blog Party!!!

Reader Jennifer is throwing us a party on her blog all this week. How cool is that? Stop by to hang with us (The Impalers) and to read interviews with vampire authors Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love.

And did we mention FREE STUFF? Books and other random fun stuff will be up for grabs to readers who post.

So come visit us and Get Impaled... you know you want it!


Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks for agreeing to come to my party!!! I have had a blast if we can just get people to show up...LOL

blackroze37 said...

Im going to be there@!

i was at the chat with the vamp band :)

had a good time

aromagik said...

Hellooooooooooo Impalers!

Sonny Kane said...

Wow. A party, and I wasn't invited. Seem to have dropped down the priority ladder a bit there. I just might have to bite somebody.