Monday, October 8, 2007

What The Girls Are Saying (and Arguing About)

Hello again. It's me, Dave Foster, back with more interviews with the woman behind the The Impalers.

This week I'm interviewing Maggie Gallagher, the lady who keeps Ren somewhat grounded, Erika Todd, who managed to make our very own Vittorio smile (and have a sex drive). And finally, Jo Asher, who is just getting onto the scene (and is a little behind on the whole vampire thing…so shhh.).

Dave Foster: The Impalers in their various incarnations have lived New Orleans for cent--glances at Jo--for years. All you ladies are relatively new to this area. What are your favorite things about The Big Easy?

I love the vibe of the city. It's so exciting and liberating. And the music is fantastic. And of course, I love my Ren.

Erika: I agree with Maggie, the vibe of the city is amazing. It speaks to the artist in me. I just love the eclectic mixture of people and talents. And I, of course, dig the whole paranormal feel here. And then there is my fair-haired, dark-eyed prince, Vittorio.

Jo raises an eyebrow looking mildly nauseated: I just came here because I could get a job. And while I really like the architecture, the people, and the food, I could do without all the paranormal mumbo jumbo.

Erika turns to Jo: There's really nothing to fear in the occult. Psychics have helped me make some of the best decision of my life.

Maggie: Well, there were those nightmares brought on by Maksim.

Erika: Those were bad, but they brought my fair-haired, dark-eyed prince to me.

Jo grimaces: Does Vittorio really like you to call him that? And Maksim? Isn't he that guy who knows Ren and Vittorio? How could he cause you nightmares? He's really sexy by the way.

Maggie: If horns and cloven hooves are sexy.

Jo frowns obviously confused.

Dave Foster clears is throat: Speaking of Ren and Vittorio, what is life like with them, Maggie and Erika?

Maggie: Great. Ren can be a little moody at times, and he does have better hair than I do. And he can be a little egotistical at times, but I wouldn't trade him in for anyone else.

Erika: Vittorio is lovely. Perfect. My fair--

Jo interrupts: God, don't even say it again!

Erika looks puzzled by Jo's outburst: What?

Maggie: Jo, you really should start considering there are things out there that aren't understood. Like psychics and ghosts and maybe even, say, vampires.

Jo shakes her head: Vampires? Next you'll be talking about demons. Whatever. I don't buy into that stuff. Sorry.

All the woman sit forward on their chairs, looking ready for a big debate.

Dave Foster cuts off the impending argument: Okay, ladies, thanks for the interview and sharing your likes--and dislikes--of New Orleans. I know some of the readers of this blog have been to New Orleans. What did you like about The Big Easy?

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Rhonda Stapleton said...

I love New Orleans. I love the old feel to the city, the narrow streets and a general sense of...something in the air. It kind of lingers with you even after you leave.

Lovely place!!