Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What To Do In The Big Easy

Dave Foster here, back and brave enough to pose the same question to the guys:
What do you like about New Orleans?

Ren: Me being in it.

Vittorio rolls his eyes.

Ren: What? It was a joke. Man, you’re uptight. Okay, seriously, the Saints. I’m a huge football fan.

Dave Foster: Go Saints. So what does Erika’s fair-haired, dark eyed prince like?

Vittorio: Does she really call me that? Cool. One of my favorite places to go in New Orleans in Déjà Vu.

Dave Foster: The strip club? Dude, not appropriate for this blog.

Vittorio: No, not the strip club! Déjà Vu, the restaurant.

Ren: You can’t eat food.

Vittorio: But it’s a great place to go and energy suck. The mortals are too into their patty melts to notice what I’m doing.

Dave Foster: You know, never mind. Kathy and Erin gave some real suggestions on things to do in New Orleans and we’re just going to skip right to that.

Here’s their top ten list:

1) Eat a beignet

2) Go on a swamp tour

3) Cheer on the Saints

4) Dine al fresco

5) Stay in a haunted hotel

6) Visit the Cities of the Dead

7) Explore voodoo

8) Visit River Road Plantations

9) Have your tea leaves read

10) Visit our favorite vampire musicians playing on Bourbon Street

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Jennifer Y. said...

I will have to keep all of this in mind if I am every lucky enough to visit The Big Easy.