Monday, October 1, 2007

What The Girls Are Saying

Interview conducted by David Foster, Roving Impaler Reporter (aka bored vampire passing the time)

David Foster: The Impalers just played a show in Vegas, and it’s a great town. What do you all like about Vegas?

Cara Kim: Money. The best part of living in Vegas is that I can rake in a ton of money exotic dancing to pay for my education and my grandmother’s nursing home. Okay, so not what I always pictured myself doing, but I stay behind the screen, and the bouncers make sure no freaks come near me. Until Seamus Fox came along, but for the most part he’s more hottie than freak.

Alexis Baldizzi- Carrick: Crime. There’s a ton of it, like any other major city. But in Vegas I get to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law and there is no better feeling than watching some scumbag get tossed in jail and kept off the streets. I was positive Ethan Carrick had kidnapped my sister-

Brittany Baldizzi interrupts: I wasn’t kidnapped, I was trying to save Ethan’s soul from eternal damnation.

Alexis Baldizzi- Carrick: Whatever. He was an arrogant you-know-what, but I fell in love with him and now live in his glitzy casino. Go figure.

Brittany Baldizzi: People. I just love how everyone in Vegas is so friendly-

Alexis Baldizzi-Carrick interrupts: They’re probably drunk.

Brittany Baldizzi ignores her sister: -and cheerful. That’s why I don’t understand why Corbin is so moody all the time, but I have news that I’m sure will put a smile on his face. Or send him screaming.

Gwenna Carrick: I like the freedom of Vegas, where no one knows me and my past and I can start fresh, and be independent. Even though my ex-husband is a bloody idiot and I wish he’d fry in the desert instead of calling me a hundred times a day, I think I’m ready to meet someone new in Sin City. If you know of any candidates, give him my number, but leave out the nine hundred year old vampire bit.

Kelsey Columbia: I love being anywhere my husband, Ringo, is. And I love the bars, the dancing, the gambling, the super awesome shopping, the music, and The Impalers. So until tomorrow night, be at peace.

David Foster: Ever been to Vegas? What do you like (or don’t like) about it? Later this week we’ll hear from Maggie, Erika, and Jo on the virtues (or lack thereof) of the Big Easy- New Orleans.

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