Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bandits of Romance

I gotta say I like that image. In fact, I think Wyatt may have written a song about that. Or not.
What am I talking about, you ask?

I'm talking about the fact that our very own Kathy Love is over chatting at the Romance Bandits about her newest book and the creation of us. And you know you want to read about that.

So go check them out, and all you little bandits, please post something here. We love new blood.



Anna Sugden said...

Hey Ren and the rest of you Impalers - greetings from one of the Banditas!

What a cool site you have! I love your bios. Good luck!

You're causing quite a stir over on the Romance Bandits site *grin*.

MsHellion said...

Hi Ren! I will be out in search of your book. :) I love the site--and I adore the concept of this all. *LOL*

And I concur with the stir comment. *LOL*

The Impalers said...

Oow, we like causing a stir!

Thanks for dropping by Anna and Mshellion!

Christie Kelley said...

Watch out, the banditas are coming! Great site by the way. Hope to see more of the boys over at the Romance Bandits. We really want Drake. We like pirates...really like them...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Whee, how fun! Hey Impalers! Another Bandita swinging in in bucket boots, with my saber a whirl to wave at the boyz in the band. Grins. Love the bios, love the music. The sound-bites (haha) are awesome. Great linkage too, worked the first time. Thanks for coming over to the Bandit Lair to hang out with us today! We're lovin' it! :>
Grins, The Duchesse

flchen1 said...

Hi, Ren and the Impalers--also coming by from the Bandits to say hello. Cool site! Will definitely take a closer look (and listen ;))

Laura J. said...
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Laura J. said...

Hey guys!!!! Stoppin on my way over from the lair to say Hello. Now I gotta take a future rock n roller to his guitar lesson. Have a great night!

Wendy said...

Hi, guys! How's the vampire life going? LOL.

doglady said...

Dropping by from the Bandits Lair to say hello and to ask you to give the Big Easy my love!! New Orleans is one of my favorite haunts. I did my graduate work (in opera performance, oddly enough) at USM in Hattiesburg. Just a quick car ride from the city of music, crawdads, beignets and of course, the gorgeous undead!

I just love the idea of a vampire band and I can't wait to get the books and give you guys a listen. I'm a retired opera singer, but I listen to any music that speaks to me. Did a little blues singing in some bars in NO on occasion. Too much fun!

Of interest to you vampires - I was lucky enough to tour in Romania with an opera company and we took a little R&R trip to Transylvania. It was March so we froze our butts off, but loved the 'old country.' Took a wild ride in a tiny European van up the side of a mountain to a castle reputed to be Dracula's. We were hoping we were immortal because the "road" up the side of the mountain was so narrow and dropped off the side so steeply only an immortal would survive the fall!

Okay, Ill let some of the other Banditas have a chance to drool over you guys!! So STOKED to find out about you!