Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'll Take Antonio Banderas

It's Wednesday again, time for another Hump Day Interview. Today The Impalers are chatting with Christine Nolfi, who we met at the Heather Graham Conference in New Orleans last year. We think it's cool that Chris is a finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, so go check out her entry. Then come back and read what she had to say to us, your curious roving vampire reporters.

Christine Nolfi-
Finalist, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards
“A Place to Belong” – Romance Division

1. Why don’t you write about vampires?

I don’t have Erin or Kathy’s expertise. Any good novelist will tell you, “Write what you know.” Erin and Kathy have many friends in the vampire world. I don’t. They’re well connected to the movers and the shakers in the World of Blood, especially in New Orleans.

Frankly, I wear a turtleneck sweater whenever I’m around either one of these fabulous women. I’m simply never sure if they reside with the living or in the world of the undead.

2. Do you prefer long hair or short hair on your men (vampires, heroes, etc)?

Long hair, definitely. It’s such a nice compliment to the bad boy vibe. I’ve dated several vampires and every one has deliciously long, dark hair. These are men who may live among the undead, but they’re hot. Given their heightened animal instincts, they never fail to impress. And satisfy.

Of course, I wear a turtleneck on the date. A tight-fitting one.

3. What is your favorite vampire movie?

Interview with the Vampire. I’ll take Antonio Banderas with fangs any day of the week. The man has HEAT written across his every movement and expression in the film.

4. What food would you miss the most if you were a vampire?

Pasta. I’m not sure how one could eat a nice linguine without revealing fangs. Of course, vampires will have a light meal if it’s especially delicious. And they drink. One vampire I dated thoroughly enjoyed Bloody Marys. It was probably an inside joke, and no doubt he enjoyed watching me fiddle with my turtleneck while he languidly played with his swizzle stick.

5. Do you believe vampires are just people too? Why?

Absolutely. Vampires are just like you and me. They fall in love, pay taxes, have favorite haunts and close friends. Of course their favorite haunts involve crypts and coffins, and the occasional dank cave. Speaking of coffins, some are quite nice. Velvet lined, with music piped in. And if you’ve never been invited to a crypt for fine wine and serious groping, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve visited crypts that are quite palatial, and beautifully decorated.
Most people are acquainted with a vampire or two even if they don’t know it.

The dark-eyed stranger in the bar at 2 A.M. who keeps throwing sizzling glances your way? Vampire. The long-limbed babe magnet in the cubicle next to yours at work, the guy who always arrives early and stays late? Vampire. It’s true you’ll never meet the undead on a sunny beach, but who said love is perfect? On the up side, you’ll never have to pack sunscreen if you go off for a long weekend with your undead lover.

6. What is your favorite hobby? What would your favorite hobby be if you were a vampire?

Like most novelists, I enjoy spending my time reading and writing. Which is the hobby, and which is work? I’m never sure.

If I were a vampire, I’d enjoy the transfiguration thing. I’d love to be a bat. I’m not sure if I’d be a bat hobbyist, but I would enjoy winging through the night and eavesdropping on other people. Of course, novelists are notorious eavesdroppers, so I might come up with great material for a future book.

7. Vampires or werewolves? Why?

Vampires, definitely. I don’t mind a little blood on the sheets, but canine hair? That’s where I draw the line.

Thanks for stopping by, Christine, though we have to ask... why do all women dig Antonio Banderas??


Rhonda Stapleton said...

FANTASTIC interview. Chris, you never fail to delight me or make me giggle... :D

The Impalers said...

Hey Chris!

Great interview.

And was that you who I had back to my crypt??? How you doin' anyway?

Oh, and what are you doing this Saturday?

(eyebrow wiggle)
~ Johnny

Kathy Love said...

Hi Chris!

Thanks for joining us and the boys! Awesome interview!

You know, I like Antonio Banderas. He's very hot, but I have to admit I didn't like him that much in Interview With a Vampire. I was totally in the Brad camp.

And I have to agree with Chris about the crypts. Some of my best dates have been in some pretty sweet crypts. Shag carpet, heart-shaped coffins, plasma lamps.


The Impalers said...

Oh! It was you, Kathy, who came to my crypt.


What are you doing Saturday night?

chris said...

Hey, Kathy and bad boy Impalers! How are all of you? Doing this blog was so much fun. My first blog ever. God bless Erin--she held my hand every step of the way.


Jamie Denton said...

Great interview, Chris! Good luck with the Amazon contest. Finger crossed you kick some serious a$$.

Solange Ayre said...

I'm almost sure my first husband was a vampire. The long hair and seductive eyes got to me, but the gleaming fangs were a bit scary. I never thought of wearing a turtleneck! Good solution, Chris.

Christine Nolfi said...


Your first husband was a vampire. Why do you think he stayed out of the kitchen whenever your private chef minced garlic? And those eyes! Your husband was seductive, devilish--a vampire through and through.


Christy C said...

I never knew crypts could be so inviting! Let me know the next time one of your vamp friends is having a party.

I'm into fine wine and heavy necking. ;-)

Kathy Love said...


I realized I didn't say congratulations about the contest! Yay, Chris!!!!!

I get so easily sidetracked by vampire talk.

Christine Nolfi said...

Thanks for the congrats, Kathy.

Currently there are 836 contestants from 22 countries in the Amazon contest. On Feb 19th, Amazon will read the reviews each entry has received from readers; the 100 entrants with the most--and the best--reviews will continue on in the contest.