Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Book Proceeds Go To Battered Women's Shelter

The Impalers have Rhonda Stapleton here today to talk about DREAMS AND DESIRES 2: A Collection of Romance Tales, a special anthology collection she's participating in.

From the publisher, Freya's Bower:

By purchasing this collection, you can help turn someone's nightmare into the pursuit of dreams. Every year, four million women are assaulted by their partners. At Freya's Bower, we want to do our part to bring this statistic down to zero. To this end, all net proceeds from every Dreams and Desire anthology purchased will go to a battered woman's shelter. Through education and support, we can make a difference.

Authors: (in alphabetical order of last name): Jenna Bayley-Burke, Faith Bicknell-Brown, Amanda Brice, Sela Carsen, Rachelle Chase, Gemma Halliday, Candace Havens, Zinnia Hope, Jackie Kessler, Susan Lyons, Richelle Mead, Debbie Mumford, Rhonda Stapleton, Bebe Thomas, Emily Veinglory, Sasha White, Lois Winston, Shaunna Wolf, and Kit Wylde.

Here's the amazon link to purchase this anthology and help support the cause:

The Impalers want to put an end to domestic violence too, and watch for info in the next few weeks about our own efforts to raise money to rebuild the battered women's shelter in New Orleans.

And now, on to the fun stuff. Our random questions for author Rhonda Stapleton:

-What is your favorite vampire movie? Interview with a Vampire is near
the top of my list, of
course, as are Blade I and II. However, my all-time favorite HAS to be
the 1979 classic, Love at
First Bite, starring our favorite uber-tanned vamp George Hamilton.

-Would you like to stay up all night and sleep all day? What would you
miss about day-walking?

For the first question, I'd definitely like to stay up all night. I
used to be a night owl, but due to my day job, had to change my sleep patterns. For your second
question, I think the obvious answer here is sunshine; however, since northeast Ohio tends to not get much of it anyway, I think I'd probably miss dumb little things, like matinee prices at the movie theater, or "earlybird" shoe sales.

-What celebrity do you suspect is a vampire?

Ooooh, good question. I think it's probably someone no one would suspect, someone who looks innocent and Betty White.

-What food would you miss the most if you were a vampire?

Chinese food. Oh, and sushi. And fried chicken. And pasta. Dang, I'd miss a lot of stuff.

-If you were an Impaler, what instrument would you play?

I'd be a vocalist. Or a rockin' should see me tear it up with the Rock Band video game (nerd alert!).

-What is your favorite hobby? What would your hobby be if you were a

My favorite hobby is photography. I have an awesome digital SLR, and I love it. If I were
a vampire, my favorite hobby would be staying alive. hahaha

-Vampires or werewolves? Why?

Vampires, hands down, because they are sexy and alluring. Werewolves creep me out. *shudder* Plus, the werewolf grooming factor alone makes them too
high-maintenance for me. haha

-Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Somewhere warm, with good happy-hour specials! Places I've been so far fit the bill: Hawaii and New Orleans.

-If you were a vampire, where would you sleep? Coffin? Darkened
bedroom? Crypt? Or other?

I don't think I could sleep in a coffin. Claustrophobia
and all that. It would have to be a super-dark bedroom with a huge bed. I tend to wiggle and
steal covers in my sleep.

-What's the best part of being a writer?

I get to make up weird conversations and situations in my head, and people think it's mysterious and part of the writerly process (instead of me just being weird--haha).

-If you were a vampire, what time period would you have been made one?
I think I would have been turned in Pre-Raphaelite England (mid to late 1800's).

-Who was a better vampire? Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Brad Pitt, definitely.

You see that, Tom? Rhonda likes Brad better too.

Thanks for dropping by, Rhonda and hopefully we'll see you in New Orleans again in 2008!


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Thanks for interviewing me, guys! It was a blast. :D

rgraham666 said...


Good one.

My vampires prefer the big darkened bedroom themselves.

Kathy Love said...

Yay, Rhonda's in the house! The book looks awesome, woman! And I love your answers.

How are you, anyway?

Kathy Love said...

The book is for a great cause too!

Jamie Denton said...

Betty White? You're right. I never would've suspected her. But not that I think about it....

The Impalers said...

Velcome, Rhonda.

Did you know that Love At First Bite was actually based on me? It's true.

~ Ren

The Impalers said...

That's so not true.

Thanks for joining us today, Rhonda. Great answers and a great cause.

And that is true.


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Ren, I heart you. That's, like, one of my all-time fav movies.

Rob--thanks for popping by! I'm cracking up about the dark bedroom for your vamps...LOL

Kathy, I'm doing GREAT, thanks for asking!!! I was actually going to see how you're doing. Hopefully well!

Jamie--it's always the quiet ones you have to suspect. That's why no one will ever suspect me of anything...ROFL

The Impalers said...

I dated Betty White. That one is dead on.

And Bea Arthur's a werewolf.

Ahoy mateys,

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Vittorio--dang, my hopes are dashed into the ground. Oh well...LOLOL

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Drake--I am SO cracking up at you...did you go through ALL the Golden Girls? ROFL

mary ann chulick said...

Wow, I adore "Love at First Bite." Especially the scene where the vampire and the psychiatrist both try to hypnotize the heroine. "You are under my power." "No, you are under MY power." LOL.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

YAY--another fan of that movie!! GREAT scene, Mary Ann--thanks for bringing it up!!

I also love, "Children of the night...shut up!"

Christine Nolfi said...

Hi, Rhonda!

Ohio in winter: it's dark, it's you think we're living in a vampire world but we just don't know it?

Btw, you would be vocals in a band. I heard you sing in NOLA and, honey, you brought the house down!

Christine Nolfi

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Chris, you might be on to something with our city being a vampire world...LOL

gwen hayes said...

I'm pretty sure that George Hamilton really IS a vampire. He's not exactly aging.

Christine Nolfi said...

Yikes! I never before noticed the George-Hamilton-not-aging thing. He must be a vampire!

Kristine Thompson said...

Oh no, not Betty White! Next to Blanche, she my favorite Golden Girl!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

LOLOLOL you guys crack me up about George Hamilton and Betty White...

Anthology Authors said...

Well, if you can get me the information for New Orlean's battered woman's shelter, I will see about benefiting them for our volume 3. Yes, we are planning a volume 3. :) Perhaps next year we'll have some vampire/werewolf stories in it. :)


Anthology Authors said...

Have you seen how tight his skin is pulled? George Hamilton not aging? LOLOLOL

Rhonda Stapleton said...

LOLOL Marci--yeah, his face is tighter than a drum...

And that's so generous of you re: the NO shelter!!

Jennifer Bianco said...

LOL, at Betty White, Rhonda. I could definitely see her with fangs. :)

Crystal Jordan said...

I love the Blade movies!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Jennifer and Crystal, thank you for popping by!!

Mel Francis said...

Betty White? LOL! Awesome.